• Ace to Ace Expedition

    Ace to Ace Expedition – from the Ace Cafe London to Ace Cafe Beijing on the GlobeBusters famous Silk Road & Tibet route. The iconic and world-famous Ace Cafe London has teamed up with motorcycle expedition experts GlobeBusters for the 'ultimate burn-up' -

  • Patagonia: To the End of the Earth

    Patagonia is a remote, but incredibly beautiful part of the world, at the most southern tip of South America. Set in both Chile and Argentina, this region offers an amazing combination of dirt and tarmac riding through a unique and undisturbed wilderness. Against a backdrop of...

  • Colombia: Andes & Caribbean

    Colombia is back on the map! Delivering ten foot-peg scraping bends per minute through lush green forests, mountains and valleys, everyone we have ever taken here has been staggered by this incredibly beautiful and friendly country. The only danger is wanting to stay!

  • Southern Africa 2015

    The beauty of Africa is seemingly never-ending. You’ll ride to the Equator, traverse the width of Africa from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and reach the southernmost tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas - with all its frustrations “This is Africa!”, natural...

  • 2016 Trans Americas

    Our 2016 Trans Americas comes with a difference to the previous rides - this time we ride the length of the Americas Continent from south to north and we add an extra country to the route - BOLIVIA! This 24,000 mile route is the ultimate adventure through diverse terrain,...

  • Want a Brochure?

    Request a brochure sent directly to your home or office, free of charge, where ever you are in the world. This is your first step to the adventure of a lifetime!  Next time, it can be you and your bike at Everest Base Camp! GlobeBusters.  Your adventure - our expertise!

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Our Expeditions

GlobeBusters Epic Expeditions are just that!  Whether it's legendary routes or crossing continents, they are the stuff that dreams are made of! You could be riding through arctic tundra, deserts, jungles or the highest mountain passes in the world.  Some routes are from coast to coast, some cross the Equator, others are from the top to the bottom of the world, taking the road less travelled.  As the majority of these routes wind their way through developing countries, there will be plenty of colour, craziness and culture to soak up. 

GlobeBusters Adventure Tours - Book a two week fly & ride adventure to sample the best bits of our major expedition routes.  These are standalone trips, including bike hire and embracing the GlobeBusters philosophy - to ride your own ride and create your own journey, whilst receiving great support from the highly experienced GlobeBusters Crew, and knowing that all our routes deliver some of the best riding to be had on the planet!  Now there's no reason not to become a GlobeBuster!

GlobeBusters is proud to be sponsoring Rhys Lawrey, 2moroRider. 

Rhys Lawrey age 22, has set out to undertake a massive challenge of riding the world breaking the Guinness World Record for the Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle and sets a new World Record for being the Youngest Person to Ride Around the World. He is also on top of 2 world records raising funds for the Charity, The Princes Trust. 

Follow his trip over the next year as he rides with the GlobeBusters group to Bangkok then sets off by himself onto Australia. 

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