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A selection of DVDs from GlobeBusters, filmed whilst on the road.  The Ride - Alaska to Patagonia, featured on National Geographic Adventure Channel!  Miles Ahead is our earliest DVD from 2003 when we achieved our second Guinness World Record.  Hope you enjoy the adventures!

The Ride - London to Beijing

Two times Guinness World Record Holder, Kevin Sanders takes to the road again for one of the toughest challenges he has ever faced. To lead a team of novice motorcycle overlanders on the very first motorcycle expedition to attempt a Trans-Asian crossing from London to Beijing, via Tibet, through some of the most remote and inhospitable regions on the planet .    


The Ride - Alaska to Patagonia

SIX PART SERIES AS FEATURED ON NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL!  No strangers to adventure, two-time Guinness World Record Holders Kevin and Julia Sanders now lead a team of 11 novice motorcyclists on an epic trip - covering a staggering 30,000 kilometres travelling through 12 countries.


Riding Asia - London to Beijing

"Riding Asia - London to Beijing" follows the research trip that Kevin & Julia Sanders undertook in 2009 to assess the route for what was to become on of GlobeBusters toughest motorcycle expeditions - SILK ROAD & TIBET, travelling from London some 13,000 miles to Beijing, via Xinjiang Province and Tibet.  It  takes you through some of the toughest terrain on the planet, as well as featuring some surprising highlights.  It also stands as a testament to the difficulty of road conditions faced in 2009, in what is now an area of rapid development .


"Miles Ahead" DVD

Our earliest DVD, filmed in 2003 as we recorded en route amazing footage of the Trans Americas Guinness World Record shot live as it unfolded.  It was an incredible two-up ride combining exhuastion and elation and facing very real risks and dangers along the way - Ecuadorian civil unrest, kidnap risks in Colombia, drug runners in Mexico, border bureaucracy through Central America and wild bears in Alaska, but ultimately it shows us knocking over 12 days off the previous Guinness World Record.


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