75 days riding the length of South America! This motorcycle adventure takes you from Colombia to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, the most southern place in the world you can ride to!

A land of spice-scented mystery and medieval kasbahs, this Morocco Motorbike Tour puts your senses on high alert! This is a ride of extremes, from the Sahara Desert to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains

A 12 day motorcycle tour through Northern Thailand - ride the Road of 1864 Curves, visit the Golden Triangle, ride alongside the Mekong River and explore Sukhothai

A 39 day expedition from Nairobi, Kenya through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and finishing in Cape Town, South Africa.

This 12 day Iceland Motorcycle Adventure features a mix of paved and unpaved roads, the the land of fire and ice, marooned near the top of the globe.

Worldwide Motorcycle Tours & Expeditions

Over 2,000 customers, have ridden pioneering adventure motorcycle tours across 6 continents & over 70 countries with GlobeBusters

Founded by Guinness World Record Holders for global motorcycle travel, Kevin & Julia Sanders, GlobeBusters is one of the worlds’ leading adventure motorcycle tour and expedition operators.

Motorcycle Expeditions

We are the ultimate motorcycle expedition specialists!  We trace our roots back to 1999 when we rode from the USA to Argentina.  Then our Guinness World Records in 2002 and 2003 for global motorcycling – Circumnavigation of the World and the Trans Americas.

We have twenty years of expertise in overland motorcycle travel.  No other global motorcycle tour operator can match our record in expertly delivering long distance motorcycle expeditions!

So trust us – our motorcycle expeditions are epic! Whether it’s legendary routes or crossing continents, they are the stuff that dreams are made of.  Some routes are from coast to coast, some cross the Equator, others are from the top to the bottom of the world, and all taking the road less travelled.

Motorcycle Adventure Tours

We are the pioneers in offering long haul motorcycle adventure tours.  Back in a time when South America was not part of other operator’s offerings, we were already leading riders through Patagonia and Peru.  Over the years, the destinations we offer has expanded to Africa, Europe and Asia.

So book a motorcycle adventure tour to sample the best bits of our major expedition routes or other exciting destinations – Iceland, Morocco, Thailand, Turkey, Namibia and more.  Choose motorcycle rental or use your own bike.

These adventure motorcycle tours are awesome experiences of shorter duration.  They embrace the GlobeBusters philosophy – to ride your own ride and create your own journey, whilst receiving expert dedicated support from the savvy GlobeBusters team.

Mixed On & Off Road Tours

These are a special category of our motorcycle adventure tours.  They include a exciting mix of riding on tarmac and gravel roads.  Usually around 20% – 50% of the trip will be on largely well graded gravel and dirt surfaces.  Rest assured, you do not need to be an enduro expert, but you do need to be up for some challenges along the way and be a team player – that’s what makes it an adventure!

These tours are designed to be good, achievable fun for big bike adventure riders, by taking the road less travelled.  These are tours where you can really get away from your busy schedules, and immerse yourself in remote wilderness, with breath-taking views but without the crowds.  All the time you will have expert leadership by the GlobeBusters Team to support all the riders, help you through any tricky bits and ensure everyone has a great ride.