How We Started

GlobeBusters was founded in 2002 by Kevin and Julia Sanders, Double Guinness World Record™ for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the World by Motorcycle and the Trans Americas by Motorcycle. Coupled with this, Kevin and Julia have notched up hundreds of thousands of miles riding independently around the world, on all six continents, covering iconic routes such as the Silk Road, the Pan American Highway, the Trans Siberian and the Tibetan Plateau.  You can check out Mad or Nomad, an interview by Andy Davidson, which tells you about our story.

After the phenomenal Guinness World Record™ success, GlobeBusters was founded as the first overland motorcycle expedition company in the UK, specializing in taking riders on amazing journeys in unusual destinations.

The GlobeBusters Trans Americas Expedition in 2005 was a milestone – it brought together a team of motorcyclists to ride from Alaska to Argentina, taking over 19 weeks and covering more than 22,000 miles. It remains the longest assisted motorcycle expedition ever undertaken and has set the standard for others to follow. This Expedition was featured on National Geographic Adventure Channel globally, as a six part TV series, “THE RIDE – ALASKA TO PATAGONIA“.  As the GlobeBusters portfolio expanded, the first London to Beijing Expedition was also filmed for a six part TV series, called “THE RIDE – LONDON TO BEIJING” – you can view this on Vimeo.

This success, together with a growing portfolio of destinations, rapidly established GlobeBusters as one of the world’s leading operators of assisted motorcycle expeditions and attracted partnerships with leading names such BMW Motorrad, Touratech, Garmin and Cotswold Outdoor. More recently Triumph Motorcycles and Continental Tyres are leading partners with GlobeBusters.

GlobeBusters remains at the forefront of the assisted motorcycle overland expedition sector and continues to innovate and create new routes worldwide. No other company can give you the same quality of experience.

What we are about – Our Philosophy and Principles

We are passionate about travel by motorcycle and whether you decide to travel with us for two weeks or five months, our aim is to give you a genuine overland experience, supported by years of relevant expertise. We do this using the following principles:

  • Creating unusual and pioneering routes by putting the quality of the riding as our first priority, so that they offer a unique experience, through magnificent and diverse scenery, and combining it with colourful local culture.
  • Getting you involved in the Expedition / Tour process right from the start, giving you advice to prepare yourself and your bike and encouraging you to be a proactive member of the team; the more you put in, the more you get out.
  • Giving you the ultimate freedom and flexibility, after all that it is what motorcycling is all about. So within our itineraries, you are free to determine your own riding pace, in your own way and decide where and when to stop. We just give you some simple guidelines.
  • Providing you with best Support Team possible, with the right balance of technical qualifications, people skills, hands on motorcycle travel experience, brought together in a professional, approachable and enthusiastic manner.

Finally! Motorcycling brings together people who have very different lives. It breaks down barriers. It is its own language and can be shared where words fail. Wherever you go in the developing world, it is a catalyst for interaction with local people that can bring a greater understanding of our planet into your own life and enrich it. For many GlobeBusters riders, the impact of their journey has literally changed their life.