GlobeBusters has chosen to use the Triumph Tiger 800 and Tiger 1200XCA as the motorcycles for our Motorcycle Tour Leaders on our tours and expeditions, because our style of trips very much puts us in the adventure category!

In our early years, the BMW GS was realistically the only choice for overland touring, as there was no other bike that could do what we wanted them to do.  But that was then!  The choice of adventure bikes has now become extensive and the Triumph offering is superb.  We have used their adventure bikes since January 2015.

In 2020, the new Tiger 900 Rally Pro was released – although due to COVID-19 we have not yet been able to take it on one of our big expeditions and delivery of the bikes has been delayed.  A few test rides in the UK have given us huge grins and we know it will be a winner for our adventures, when we are back on the road again!

Guide Darran Johnson on the Tiger 800XCA in Lhasa, Tibet

The Tiger 800 XCA is a phenomenal machine, perfect for a solo rider on tour, being able to tackle long distances in the saddle, as well as tackling the rougher dirt roads that are common in more remote parts of the world.  Julia rode this bike on our South African Motorcycle Tour and loved the smooth engine and the seamless delivery of torque. It handled the gravel tracks of Namibia with ease and was comfy on the 400 miles ride across the Caprivi Strip.

What’s more it’s reliability and robustness is second to none.  This bike has never let us down and we’ve ridden them in Africa, Asia and South America.  For the type of rides we do, the most important factor is how reliable a bike is – it’s no good being told in the middle of Turkmenistan to take you bike to the nearest dealer to sort out a problem.

Julia Sanders alongside the Orange River in Richterveld National Park, Namibia

Kevin regularly rides the Tiger 1200XCA – it is an awesome bike to ride on our longer distance expeditions. For the Trans Americas Expedition, as it easily eats up the big miles along the Pan American Highway and we’ve also taken it on our London to Beijing Expedition, across Central Asia and the Tibetan Plateau.

Kevin Sanders at the “End of the Road”, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina