It all started in 1997 with a few drinks in the No Bar in Quito, Ecuador, where our Founders, Kevin and Julia Sanders met for the first time.  They returned to Ecuador two years later as independent overland travellers, riding a 1989 BMW R80GS, having left Miami some 3 months previously, and spent the best part of a year exploring Latin America by motorcycle.

This scan of an old traditional photograph (so its a little blurry) showing Founders, Kevin & Julia in San Pedro de Atacana, Chile, in 1999:kev and julia on frankie chile san pedro

Then it got serious! Kevin made up his mind that he wanted to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle and he had read about a Guinness World Record™ . . . . . jump to 2002.  Kevin and Julia Sanders became Double Guinness World Record™ Holders for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the World by Motorcycle and the Trans Americas by Motorcycle.


After this phenomenal Guinness World Record™ success, GlobeBusters was founded to inspire and challenge riders on long distance, trans-continental overland motorcycle journeys through remote and unusual parts of the world and attracted continued sponsorship from BMW Motorrad, becoming a BMW Travel Partner from 2006-2014 and more recently with Triumph Motorcycles from 2015. Here are the highlights from when we started to the present day.  We think it demonstrates what exceptional experiences we deliver, time and time again

Where GlobeBusters lead, others follow. Our track record is exceptional!

The First Trans Americas, Alaska to Argentina; we remain the only company in the world to ever to lead a group of riders on this route in its entirety and to continue to take groups regularly on this 24,000 mile expedition. A National Geographic six part series about the first Trans Americas Expedition, “The Ride – Alaska to Patagonia” transmitted globally in 2007-2010.

The first Trans Americas Expedition Team, reaching “The End of the Road”DSC00802 Team at end of road

In 2009, Kevin & Julia Sanders reached Everest Base Camp (from Tibetan side), probably the first foreign plated bikes to do so in modern times.  This formed the basis of their new “London to Beijing” Expedition.

Everest Base Camp, Tibet Side:IMG_4510

In 2010, GlobeBusters were the first operator to run the trans-continental route of “London to Beijing” via Tajikistan (Wakhan Valley & Afghan border) and Tibet, including Mount Everest Base Camp.

This is that first team, at the first viewpoint of Mount Everest:13 En route to Everest Base Camp

In 2010 we were also appointed operator for “Discover our Earth” Expedition, by Edelweiss Bike Travel, who had no experience of offering long duration overland expeditions.  It was an around the world motorcycle journey lasting 8 months, 5 continents and being almost 40,000 miles around the planet. This has been the longest continuous supported motorcycle expedition ever undertaken, with all guides, support vehicle, logistics and freight being organised by GlobeBusters and GlobeBusters Founder, Kevin Sanders, led the team for the whole duration.

Successful finish with the Discover our Earth Team in Meiming, Austria:

In 2011, GlobeBusters included Iran within the London to Beijing route.  Having ridden through Iran on their Guinness World Record back in 2002, Kevin &Julia Sanders knew that a journey through Iran would challenge riders perceptions.

Entering Iran – our lastest team in 2015:P1020949 A

In this year, we also operated a new Trans Canada route from Vancouver to Halifax and across the Trans Labrador Highway.

Trans Labrador – first sighting of the North Atlantic:IMG_1587

2011 was also a milestone year, we were appointed by BMW Motorrad UK to operate their motorcycle tours of Europe, after the current incumbent, Richard Harvey retired.  The following year, 2012, was our first African Expedition, taking a team of riders from Nairobi, Kenya to Cape Town South Africa.

The Cape of Good Hope:Garden Route 3

In 2013, our London to Beijing route was selected by Professor Samuele Marcora from the University of Kent to do a scientific research study into the physiology and psychology of adventure motorcycling.  It was also the year that Kevin Sanders became the only motorcycle tour leader ever to be recognised by the Wanderlust World Travel Awards, in the Highly Commended Category.

In 2014, there was a new Trans Asia route from London to Bangkok, via Central Asia and the first motorcycle expedition to complete the Delhi to Bangkok route via Bhutan & Myanmar, only recently opened to foreign road travellers.  The opening up of Myanamar was an opportunity that could not be missed!

Julia Sanders at the border between India & Myanmar:P1010693

In 2015, we formed an alliance with Triumph Motorcycles to work with them at developing their Motorcycle Adventure Tour activities and Triumph produced a Special Edition “GlobeBuster” Triumph Tiger Explorer to celebrate the new partnership.


Our reputation and proven success, together with a growing portfolio of destinations, has established GlobeBusters as one of the world’s leading operators of assisted motorcycle expeditions and has attracted partnerships with leading names such BMW Motorrad, Touratech, Garmin and Cotswold Outdoor. More recently Triumph Motorcycles and Continental Tyres are leading partners with GlobeBusters.  We continue to take riders on extraordinary rides on all continents, so what is the future?  Well we are fast developing our short adventure touring experiences and there is a brand new expedition planned for 2018 and 2019.  What this space!

GlobeBusters remains at the forefront of the assisted motorcycle overland expedition and tours sector and continues to innovate and create new routes worldwide.  With Kevin and Julia firmly at the helm and being involved in every expedition and tour we operate, the passion for motorcycle travel is at the core of everything we do.

JK Cape Agulhas