We have differing levels of support, depending on the type of trip that you have booked.  Our most comprehensive support is for our long distance transcontinental motorcycle expeditions, where we have our own fleet of dedicated support vehicles.


Expedition Support Vehicles

On our motorcycle expeditions, we normally take one of our dedicated support vehicles. In the past, we have used Ford Transit LWB diesel vans, but we are upgrading our fleet to the Mercedes Sprinter.  They are very capable and, so far, unfailingly reliable. We have both two wheel drive and four wheel drive versions to cope with the differing terrain of varying expeditions. Our dedicated fleet of support vehicles are equipped specifically for our expeditions.

We choose to use panel vans as opposed to 4×4 pick-ups and trailers for the bikes, because vans provide secure and discrete transport for bikes. A bike on a trailer is in full view and not nearly as well secured as one locked out of site in a van. This is also why we keep the branding of our vehicles to a minimum. They carry valuable parts and medical kit and potentially your bike so we want to be subtle. A big 4×4 may look the part, but we do not believe it offers the best solution.

Each vehicle is provided with secure storage for fuel, water, some spare tyres, a compressor and tyre jig (for mending punctures and changing tyres), comprehensive tool kit including diagnostics (for Triumph and BMW GS bikes) and a range of spare parts.  For other makes of bike, we will carry a small box of your own spare parts.  We carry spare parts that our extensive experience has taught us are most likely to be required when on the road, and we are adept at solving problems en route – but we are not a mobile manufacturer’s workshop! We do not carry any major parts – shock absorbers, gear boxes, engines!

Our support drivers have a wealth of real world experience in keeping motorcycles on the road on extended trips. With their motorcycle mechanical knowledge, their role is to assist you in keeping your motorcycle running throughout the trip and help you with repairs.  We will always try to help you fix your bike on the road or at the next stop, but cannot do the impossible! For serious damage to your bike requiring major parts, it will mean your bike gets loaded into the van and carried to the nearest available town where we can source parts or have access to a full workshop.

Our support vehicles are also equipped with a comprehensive medical kit, including spinal board, sterile syringes, non-prescription pain killers and splints. The support vehicle carries a cell phone and satellite phone to try and ensure that it can remain permanently in contact with the Expedition Leader and the outside world. They can also provide temporary transport for up to two bikes and two riders in the event of any accident, illness or injury.


Tour Support Vehicle

Outside of Europe

For all our adventure motorcycle tours that operate outside Europe, we normally use a local support vehicle with an experienced local driver. A local support vehicle is normally a 4×4 pick up with a trailer, as this is often the best that there is available. Whilst it does not have the extensive equipment and kit that we carry for our expeditions, as adventure tours are much shorter, the basic principle of the assistance that it will offer remains the same.

P1020523The local support vehicle will have a mobile/cell phone and satellite phone, carry water, fuel (if we are remote), small medical bag and a small selection of tools and parts.  Often this type of vehicle is used when we are operating a tour with rental motorcycles and in this case, the local support driver will be responsible for the mechanical checks, sorting out punctures and the maintenance of the rental motorcycles whilst on tour.  They can also provide temporary transport for up to two bikes and two riders in the event of any accident, illness or injury.

Inside Europe

For tours that operate within Europe, we do not have a separate support vehicle.  As part of our booking conditions, you must have in place a comprehensive break down recovery policy, which will be able to assist you and repatriate you and your motorcycle, if necessary.  When touring Europe by motorcycle, our motorcycle tour leader will carry a medical kit, mini-compressor and tyre plugger.