Triumph Motorcycles

Exclusive motorcycle provider to GlobeBusters Expedition & Tour Leaders

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We’ve been working with Triumph since 1 January 2015 and have ridden their adventure bikes from London to Beijing, Alaska to Argentina, Kenya to South Africa and all around Europe too.  For 2016, we have been riding the new Triumph Tiger Explorer XCA and the Triumph Tiger 800 XCA.  We ride these bikes as standard for the XCA range, but will fit some Triumph crafted extras, such as the folding gear lever, headlight protection.  If your preference is to ride a medium or large adventure bike, these bikes should be top of your list!

Continental Tyres

Exclusive tyre provider for all our adventure bikes

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We’ve been riding Conti’s for many years, with the TKC80 always being our tyre of choice when we know we’ll be riding on dirt roads.  Back in 2014, Conti brought out a more dual purpose tyre, the TKC70, which is a great overland tyre choice.  Why?  It has better longevity (we rode the whole of our Delhi to Bangkok Expedition of 7000 miles on one set of TKC 70s, and I reckon there was still another 1,000 to be had), and is designed to cope with the variety of terrain that you get on an extended tour or overland journey, which tends to be more tarmac, with sections of dirt, rather than pure off road.  When we’re in Europe, it’s the ContiTrailAttack 2.

Shoei Helmets

Exclusive helmet provider to GlobeBusters

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We love the Shoei helmets and there’s two styles that we use on tour; HORNET ADV and the NEOTEC.  Julia prefers the Neotec.  Its one of the most comfortable helmets she has had and she likes the flexibility of the flip up; it’s easier to take photos, when at check point and borders official can see your face and she is be able to drink, all without having to take the helmet on and off.  The visor is also great for the sunny days.  Kevin wears the Hornet Adv and loves the fit and style although on  longer mileage days, it’s true it’s not as quiet!


Exclusive adventure boot provider to GlobeBusters

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SiDI are the very best when it comes to boots and we still find it amazing that such a robust and tough boot, like to Crossfire 2, can be so comfortable.  OK, so when you were boots like this for the first time, you’re going to think that they are way too stiff, but just be a little patient.  When we are on our longer expeditions, we always wear the Crossfire 2 and if it’s a shorter tour in Europe, our choice is the SiDI Adventure Gore boot, like in the picture above.

Cotswold Outdoor

Specialising in great quality outdoor clothing and equipment

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We go to Cotswold Outdoor for all the non-biking gear essentials; synthetic fleeces, merino wool base layers, trekking shoes for off the bike, head torches, pen knives, camp gear – I think you get it!  Julia’s best bit of non bike kit is her RAB Ether X Jacket, an insulated synthetic jacket that packs down to next to nothing, is light and silky so great under a motorcycle jacket and also is great to wear with jeans in the evening.  remember with all your kit, think multi-functional!