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We are The Mods

Bike accessories and add-ons can be a real plus. They can add comfort, protection, carrying capability or equip you with the latest in navigation and communication. They can also weigh you down – literally, financially and mentally – and can end up causing more problems than they solve. Look at the journey(s) you are about […]

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Pack it in!

Never has “pack light” been more of a mantra than when travelling on motorcycle tours. Over-packing not only makes your motorcycle heavy and handle badly, it can invariably end in you angrily rifling through all your belongings at the side of the road, then struggling to get it all back in.  On the other hand, you can […]

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Adventure Boots? Our progression to Sidi Crossfire 2!

Motorcycle Adventure Boots – Thoughts by Julia Sanders On our very first motorcycle overland trip through South America, Kevin and I wore nothing but hiking boots. At the time, out thinking was that we did not have enough space when travelling two up for hiking boots and motorcycle boots, and that motorcycle boots were too […]