Join the GlobeBusters Team and wave off this group of intrepid motorcycle adventurers as they leave to ride over 16,000 miles from the Ace Cafe London to the Ace Cafe Beijing and on to a new finish point – Tokyo, Japan!

The team gather on Saturday 22 April at Ace Cafe London at 7am and enjoy one of the Ace Cafe’s famous big Britsh fry up breakfasts, before gathering at 8.30am for photos and media, with engines revving to leave at 9am.  We’re also hoping that the Mayor of Brent will join us to wave the Union Flag as we ride out of the Ace Cafe.

The London to Tokyo Expedition is a new route by GlobeBusters and was offered only to riders who had already booked to ride to Beijing – most took up the offer to extend their already epic journey to Tokyo and in 2019, GlobeBusters offer the full route to Tokyo to motorcycle adventurers. Watch out for details!

Ace Cafe work in conjunction with GlobeBusters on this ride.  In 2015, the name “Ace to Ace” was coined to describe the GlobeBusters London to Beijing expedition as it started in Ace Cafe London and finished at the Grand Opening of Ace Cafe in Beijing, one of many new Ace Cafe franchises opening worldwide.

Below are pictures from the first expedition to finish at the Ace Cafe Beijing in 2015.