This notice was updated on 1 January 2021

To all our customers & friends

We’ve been offering as much flexibility to customers as we can during these difficult times and we will continue to adapt our booking conditions to give you as much control as possible.  We might not be touring at the moment, but at GlobeBusters we are busy focusing on 2021 and 2022.  In these uncertain times, it is important that you are 100% confident to book for the future.

We have made temporary changes if you book with us in 2021, for a tour in 2021 or 2022 or 2023 – less financial commitment and more flexibility for you.  #BookWithConfidence

1.  If you re-book your 2020 tour for 2021/22 – your trip will only costs you the original price paid for the 2020 tour, with any associated return customer loyalty discounts you were given at that time.

2. Reduced Deposits for New Bookings – Only 2.5% deposit for an expedition.  Only 5% deposit for a tour.    This has now been updated as of 1 January 2021.

No deposit is necessary when you book a tour or expedition more than 6 months in advance of travel.

3. Change Your Mind – If you change your mind at any time for whatever reason 6 months prior to the start of an expedition or tour, just let us know and you get all your money back.  We won’t keep a penny.  (If you are cancelling for an insured reason, we would ask if you would first make a claim through your insurance provider and we will pay you whatever excess is in place, so you won’t lose out.  It just helps us out a little, but if that’s not possible, don’t worry, we will refund your deposit in full).   This has been updated in the light of 2) above.  If you change your mind, 6 months or more prior to the start of the trip, just let us know.  You won’t have paid a deposit so there is no refund due.

4. Flexible Transfer – if it is less than 6 months to go then you can transfer your deposit to any other trip, up and until your final balance amount is due.

5. Later Balance Due Date – We won’t ask you to pay any further amounts for your trip, unless we know the tour will operate.

6. Package Travel & Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations – We are fully compliant with the regulations and are fully insured so all clients monies are fully protected.  See here.

7. If we cancel – you get a full cash refund of all monies paid to us – that not just good luck, that’s proactive customer service!

This has been our policy throughout the COVID-19 crisis – we have always given a full cash refund to all our customers if we cancel.  No quibbles, no negotiation, just cash back in their bank.  We have the financial strength to do this, with the greatest share capital base of any UK motorcycle tour operator.  We believe customer trust is paramount.

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Stay safe and healthy!

Kev, Julia & the GlobeBusters Team

This notice was updated on 1 January 2021.

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