p1040328Touratech’s new Aventuro Mod helmet came out last year and has created quite a stir. Both Kevin & Julia tested a sample on their latest Thailand Adventure Tour this January to see just how good it is.

Here’s is Kevin’s report;

I rode 2,000 miles in the new Aventuro Mod helmet over 14 days, so I got to know it pretty well. Conditions varied from 32C in the sun to 8 degrees in the mountains, with two days of solid rain in Laos.  Like all helmets it took a day or so to bed in and settle on my head, but from then on it was very comfortable. It doesn’t feel heavy and, although we didn’t do any really high speeds for any distance, it certainly wasn’t noisy. On longer days I wore my custom-made Ultimate Ear plugs and these worked well with it. I have had other helmets where the lid seems to put pressure on the plugs, which soon becomes distracting.

I’m a big fan of flip-front helmets on expeditions. It’s much easier to communicate with people – particularly police & border guards – if they can see your face. The Aventuro’s flip-front is easy to operate with one hand, using the button on the front. It’s also easy to raise and lower the sun shield on the move, using using left hand.

There are vents on top and at the front and these certainly seemed to work well in the heat. Touratech have fitted an air filter in the chin bar, which is something I haven’t come across before. I can’t tell you how effective it is, because we didn’t ride on much dirt or dust, but it seems like a good idea.

Vision was good, it’s quite a wide aperture, and the visor comes fitted with a Pinlock, which worked 100% during two days of non-stop rain, during Thailand’s “dry” season!

Touratech have billed the Aventuro Mod as the most versatile touring helmet on the market and it certainly lived up to my expectations. p1060488 A lot of thought has gone into the design, with lots of really practical features. The peak isn’t as large as on other dual sport helmets and it’s also adjustable, with three positions to choose from, so you can get it just right for you. The chin strap is a good length so you can really get hold of it without risking dropping when putting it on or holding it.

How good is it? Put it this way – I’ll be wearing it all the way from London to Beijing later this year on our Ace to Ace Expedition.

If you want any more details about the helmet we wore then check out Touratech here