Visit Iceland! It’s one of the least densely populated countries on the planet, with only 340,000 people. So you can be sure that once out of Reykjavik, finding your own slice of isolation will never be that hard. The roads are empty and it’s where wilderness rules supreme! Park up and take a moment to delight in the incredible views and breathe the fresh air, as you gaze over the volcanic black beaches.  Know the right spots to go to and you could be riding on the face of Mars! Adventure motorcycling north to south across Iceland on the Kjölur Route F35 must be on your bucket list.  But that’s not all! Explore the many incredible waterfalls, soak in natural hot springs by the road side or crawl along the cliff edge to spot puffins?!  There’s so much to do when you visit Iceland!

Sights to See

Svínafellsjökull Glacier, an outlet glacier of Vatnajökull, the largest ice cap in Europe.
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Gollfoss one of Iceland's most iconic and beloved waterfalls, found in the Hvítá river canyon
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The largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull, used by Game of Thrones as a “Beyond the Wall” setting!
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Dettifoss, in Northeast Iceland, the second most powerful waterfall in Europe!
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Jökulsárlón, is a glacial lagoon. blue waters are dotted with icebergs from the surrounding Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier
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Skogafoss, one of Iceland's biggest and most beautiful waterfalls with an astounding width of 25 meters (82 ft) and a drop of 60 meters (197 ft)
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Endless large fjords in the Western Region of Iceland
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Snaefellsjokull glacier, a 7,000 year old snow-capped volcano
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